My Happy List

From reading a lot of blogs over the last 8 weeks (did I only start blogging 8 weeks ago?) I have noticed there have been ‘Happy Lists’ doing the rounds. It seems your supposed to be nominated for this, but as this isn’t going to happen to little newbie me, I thought I’d really like to have a think about the Things I love and make me happy so here goes my 50 things…….


  1. Stationary (diaries,notebooks,scrapbooks-you name it)
  2. Sunshine & Blue Sky
  3. Candles and Incense
  4. Peace and Quiet
  5. Reading-books, mags, blogs
  6. Cocktails with Friends
  7. Inspirational Quotes
  8. Cuddles and kisses with B and Little B
  9. Bright Colours
  10. Musical Theatre
  11. Seeing a show in the West End
  12. Shoes
  13. Watching Little B play
  14. A Hot bath with bubbles
  15. Realising I can still do things eg a backbend & get back up (there is video evidence)
  16. Blogging-I’m really enjoying myself
  17. Cooking-when I can chill
  18. Holidays and Travel
  19. The Smell of Cut grass
  20. Flowers-a bunch or wild ones
  21. A real fire
  22. Christmas
  23. Presents-come on who doesn’t
  24. Music
  25. Thai food
  26. Lush bath products
  27. Perfume-agent provocateur currently
  28. My family and the extended version
  29. Creating memories
  30. Photos-taking them and looking at them
  31. When my students get great exam results, or pull off an amazing show
  32. Weddings
  33. A tidy house (B would literally guffaw at this one-Ha, I couldn’t think of a better word)
  34. Comfy clothes-just wish this was possible and to be stylish
  35. My Performing Arts School
  36. Finishing work on a Wednesday at 9.30pm and knowing that’s the end of my late night teaching for the week. I’ll be home in time for Little Bs bath /bedtime for the rest of the week
  37. Dreaming
  38. Crafting-I went through a stage of loving decoupage last year
  39. Warm evenings
  40. Sunsets
  41. Reminiscing
  42. Social Media
  43. Little Bs giggle
  44. Lists
  45. Freshly moisturised skin
  46. Watching a series with B that we both love
  47. Fresh bed sheets
  48. Copper home accessories
  49. When clothes look exactly as you want eg-like on the model/hanger
  50. When B has a shave and uses Aftershave Balm 💕

At number 25 i thought – only halfway through, yikes this is harder than I thought!
But I made it to 50 and wow they make me smile just looking through!
That’s the aim and now I have a list of things to appreciate and to feel happy about when I need a little boost!

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