(Ordinary Moments 15) *No 9* Early Bird or Night Owl

Are you an Early Bird or a Night Owl?

Everyone works in different ways, their productivity at the max, at a certain time of day. Me and B are opposites…..


In our house B is the night owl, he stays up late and does anything that needs doing, washing and tidying up, work, watching TV etc when all I want to do is sleep, in fact all i can do is sleep.

im-a-night-owl(Photo Source)

I’m the early bird (only since having Little B, I must admit) and I do everything in the morning. I’m the one that gets up with Little B (not sure i get a choice when he’s poking me in the eye and dragging the covers off of me). I get him sorted, make B a cuppa in bed, pack lunches and gets myself moving for work.


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It’s best to stay out of B’s way in the morning until he’s had the classic male : shit, shower, shave and about 4 coffees (not to say women don’t do the same) and even then it’s touch and go! Bless him-he’s certainly not a morning person, though he has got better! I’m not selling it right?

So I’m up at 6am and passed out by 10.30pm and he crawls from his pit dependent on work necessities (this Saturday morning/afternoon at 12.30pm after going to bed at 3am). I’m not trying to make him sound laZy here, promise!

We’ve always been ships that pass in the night, with the hours we work and since having Little B we spend a lot of time tag teaming each other. It’s often been asked, how our relationship works and is so longstanding, when we hardly see each other. We don’t live in each other’s pockets for sure but it seems to work for us. We talk on the phone during the day and message each other to keep on track of who’s doing what and when we do spend quality time together, it’s fully appreciated. We really are a great team! Though obviously it would be nice to spend more time all three of us, without one of us being distracted trying to get bits done.


(Photo Source) I think we need these-lol!

I can’t last past about 10.30pm anymore without falling asleep on the sofa (Its 10pm now and I’m feeling it). B watches telly/plays computer into the early hours (I’m pretty sure he’s just putting off the next day) and wakes me up when he’s ready for bed. Sometimes I wake up in the morning on the sofa and he tells me that it was near impossible to wake me up, so he eventually gave up and left me there. Luckily we have a big comfy sofa as I seem to fall sleep there more and more at the minute, with Little B being a monkey at night. (Only took 1.5 hours and 30+ tries to get him to stay in bed tonight and waking up at 1.30am).

There is so much about Me and B that is different, but instead of it being a barrier, we’ve always complimented each other and I am so grateful for that. We are very lucky.


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Thanks for reading my day to day ‘Ordinary Moments’.

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11 thoughts on “(Ordinary Moments 15) *No 9* Early Bird or Night Owl

  1. dontcallmestepmummy says:

    Sweet to see the differences and the way that it works for you. My husband always needs sleep and I’m an insomniac. I’ll soon be starting night shifts 3 nights a week and I’m sure he’ll sleep better. So glad it works well for you x #ordinarymoments


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Bless you thanks! It’s crazy but it works! Mornings are still not my favourite but I’m definitely more productive physically then! Mentally I don’t know-I do most of my reading etc in the evening x


  2. mummydaddyme says:

    Aw I love this post and it’s so interesting to read the differences between you both. I used to be a real night owl, and I still am really, I am much more productive at night- but I do try and go to bed by midnight as I am generally up before 7 most days now! x


  3. Carie says:

    Oh I think you definitely need the mugs! In our house H is the night owl and I’m the burn the candle at both ends! I genuinely survive on a lot less sleep than he does so I do early mornings and then tend to stay up to see him too!


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