Building a Dancer

On Sunday I went to a fantastic course at Tring Park School for the Performing Arts on Building a Dancer.
I was nervous about booking on, as I’d be going alone and wouldn’t know anyone.
Also it was another day that week I’d be away from Little B and I felt a little guilty.


It was an inspirational day, proving to myself I knew a lot more than i thought, as well as teaching me a lot too.  It was amazing to be surrounded and taught by people who were equally, if not more passionate about the dance world and truly made me want to learn more.  However it did also make me realise how in the last 12yrs since college and 10yrs since performing that I’m not half as fit, flexible or strong, which made me a little sad.

It was a conference in association with IADMS (The International Association for Dance Medicine and Science) so some of the lectures really packed a punch.

The day included sessions such as …..

Building a Thinking Dancer
Building a Strong Body
Creating a Professional Online Presence
Building the Technique
Observe a Yr 10 & 11 Boys Ballet Class
Observe a class with Chrysalis Contemporary Dance Company

The lecturers were some big names and some truly inspirational work was shown, including some from a boy I used to teach (so lovely to see him dance again).  The venue was stunning especially the dance studios.
I Was in heaven and I had forgotten how much i love dance.



When your hobby becomes your business and you start to spend more time on the paperwork/organisation side of things and money becomes more of a focus than the love of it, it truly becomes a battle.  Running my school has not always been plain sailing and although I can see a light at the end of the tunnel now, there has been times when I’ve seriously thought about giving up and I’m just so pleased I’ve stuck at it, because my heart is completely there.
I have danced since I was 3yrs old, went to dance college at 18yrs, performed abroad from 20yrs and took over my school at 23yrs and at 32yrs I am still here and truly love what i do, most days!
It really is my life!


This course injected some love back into what i do and now i would like to not only be a dance teacher but

* Pilates Instructor
* Nutritionist
* Member of IADMS
*Sign up to a Certificate in Healthy Dance Practice
and so much more…..

Just not sure when I’m going to fit all this in!


Thats Number 13 of my 32 @ 32 ticked off! 

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