(Ordinary moments 15) * No 7* Big Boy Bed Part 2

Welcome to this weeks Ordinary Moments

The Big Boy Bed Part 2

Ok so last week I was optimistic some might even say cocky when I said
I think we’ve cracked it!!
Someone was listening and decided to make this week hard, very hard.

This week has been fuelled by Coffee!!
And although I like the stuff, I am generally a tea drinker-i just needed more caffeine this week.
Lots more!

I have no idea how I’ve got to Sunday and today I’m out at a course all day so we’ll see how well I go into next week….
With match sticks holding my eyelids up probably.

No Naps, An hour at least to get him to stay in bed, waking in the night and 5.30am wake up calls

On Sunday I took myself to bed at 4pm with a migraine and this is where i unfortunately stayed till Monday morning.  B reckons this was my body’s way of saying ‘I Give Up’ as I do too much and just keep pushing it, or so he says.
Little B came and cuddled in with me which was really nice as he’s not normally one to stay still for long,  then when B put him to bed later he kept creeping out and getting back in bed with me, which is where B found him awake still at 9pm.

To be honest this part made my heart melt, as usually he climbs all over me and tries to sit on my head.  Having him come and snuggle and stroke my hair felt amazing, even if i was lying in a dark room with my eyes closed.


On Monday night, the end of bank holiday and the start of the week, Little B decided that 11.30pm was the time to get up.  Not just get up a little groggy, help me back to bed, but get up and refuse to go back to sleep.
As far as he was concerned he’d had his night sleep.
Once B had completely lost the plot at about 2.30am i sent him off to bed and braved the rest of the night alone,
with a couple of hours sleep on the sofa eventually, Thank God!
However I was a mess for my 12 hr work day on Tuesday.
I apologised to everyone who came into contact with me, I was all over the place.

Every night it’s been a battle to get him to stay in bed and as we are in a flat he just keeps turning up back in the doorway of the living room waving at us.  Hard to be cross when he’s so damn cute doing this.

He has been up at 5.30am every day and been refusing to nap, then not being able to keep his eyes open when being brought home at 5pm.  Its been a bit of a vicious circle.

I can see the poor guy is exhausted, we’ve been trying to cuddle up on the sofa, with a film the last few afternoons, so he might sleep but he fights it like mad.  I’m starting to think he’s completely over tired and doesn’t know what to do with himself.

I don’t want to revert to putting the side back on the cot so will just have to keep pushing through.

I’d forgotten what sleep deprivation was like!
The newborn days when they were up every few hours, seem like so long ago now and I was on maternity leave then so getting up and out of my pjs wasn’t a necessity!

Hoping my Little man goes back to sleeping like a dream before it’s time to have another one.

But this is what being Mummy is all about-taking the rough with the smooth and even when he’s been driving me insane because I am sooooooo tired I can’t help but smile and remember that we made this gorgeous little boy and he’s all ours.


I’m linking up with Katie again this week for

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4 thoughts on “(Ordinary moments 15) * No 7* Big Boy Bed Part 2

  1. mummydaddyme says:

    Oh bless you Gem you must be exhausted, after he was doing so well! I am sure it’s just a phase and he will get used to it- fingers crossed! In the meantime lots of coffee for you! x


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      I Know hey-frustrating! But he’s a little boy they’re meant to be cheeky right?! 😜 it’s been closer to 6.30 the last few days so everything crossed. I’m going to be a coffee addict-buzzing everywhere-lol ☕️ have a good week x


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