May Bank Holiday

Bank Holidays are always so lovely for some real family time. A little time to chill and also to catch up with friends, family and the obligatory housework. 2 days just never seems enough to rejuvenate, why can’t 3 day weekends be the norm?

Because we probably wouldn’t appreciate them.


I Worked at the preschool in the morning but was back at my mums with Little B by 2pm.  It was nice to spend the afternoon catching up with my mum chatting about the house move and everything that needs doing and what my little dude had been doing with her that morning (digging in the greenhouse apparently). My Nan and Grampy also popped in, as they were heading off on a cruise for 3 weeks so it was nice to see them, have a catch up and wish them safe travels. Me and mum then headed down to get Little B’s hair cut as ‘Daddy had spoken’.  I always try to keep it longer and B always wants it cut shorter.  I leave it until i really have to before going and getting a few inches off.  This time round the poor boy had had a fringe trim by my mum the week before because he couldn’t see and it was a little bit dodgy so it definitely needed doing. HaHa!


B had found an award winning butchers on his work travels and had called me up excited about all the fantastic meat he’d seen.  He’d bought some burgers, marinated chicken thighs in honey and mustard and marinated pork belly in ginger, chilli, lime and coriander so we had a chilled evening with food on the BBQ. Scummy!



We had a lazy morning which is nice after the craziness of the week.  Being able to stay in my pjs with no rush, cuddled up on the sofa with my boys is such a little luxury.

We needed a last minute 1st Birthday present for our friends little girl (I’m really not very organised anymore) and took the opportunity to pop into the new Next Store near us.  B had already been in so stayed in the car with Little B while i did the running visit.  However on my way through i seriously fell in love with everything and i didn’t even look properly. I honestly think i could spend a fortune! I wrote about a few of my favourite pieces i saw online when i got home later that evening.



We celebrated E’s first birthday in style with a Hungry Caterpillar Tea party for her family and friends.  Our friends had done such a good job on all the food we were spoilt rotten with butterfly and caterpillar shaped sandwiches, bubblegum cupcakes, gammon sandwiches, fruit kebabs and so much more. Little B was in his element as we don’t normally allow him cake except special occasions. It was good to catch up with friends and B’s sister and her family.



Then when we got home, another chilled night kicked in and I crashed on the sofa exhausted. B got up for boxing, while i continued to sleep-apparently he couldn’t wake me so I ended up being woken on the sofa by Little B Sunday morning.


Another fully appreciated slow start to the morning with bacon and egg sandwiches and coffee.

B went to a friends to watch the Chelsea game.  He came home super happy as this win meant they won the League. It was tipping it down with rain so to blow off some steam me and Little B headed to Soft Play. While he climbed, I drank tea, ate cake and read blogs, wrote up some blogging ideas and generally had a little bit of chill time, amidst frantically searching when he’d gone out of my sight-usually down the tube slide.




I’d had a headache for most the day but by the time I got back from soft play it was a full blown migraine.  I never used to get them until I had Little B but now i get them reasonably frequently (last one only a month ago).  Pain behind the eyes and feeling sick-yuck! So i went down for a nap and Little B followed for some lovely snuggles.  B woke me up at 9pm having cooked dinner and then sent me straight back to bed and even got up with the Little man in the morning-Wow!


B’s mum popped round for him to check her car as she’s been having a few issues so Little B got some time with Nanny.  She usually has him on a Monday while i work, so this was supposed to be her day off-don’t think she could resist though.



We had a lovely afternoon in the parks, while B cleaned the carpets. I think i got the better deal. We have two parks right next to us.  One for toddlers and one for bigger kids. Little B is now pretty good on the Big Kid stuff though it scares the life out of me.



Then to finish a lovely chilled weekend I enjoyed a bubble bath and got stuck into my book.


Even if we did’t get the chance to do loads as a family, it was nice to just be around each other. We spend so much time out working, that when were together we just want to be at home. This is not always the best of ideas and quite frequently I wonder if we’ve wasted a morning but it’s nice just to be us, a family.

2 thoughts on “May Bank Holiday

  1. lifeatthelittlewood says:

    It sounds like a lovely weekend Gemma! I get awful migraines too, so I totally know that feeling – sleep is the only thing that helps! I’m glad it didn’t ruin your long weekend though. Your little man is so cute! Xx


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