Putting Myself Out There

So I posted my first blog post a month ago today!! Wow where does the time go?!  This last month I have had a blast and spent so much time enjoying myself doing the following….

* Reading some fantastic blogs

* Commenting on other blogs and getting involved

* Finding new blogs to add to my favourites

* Joining Bloglovin’

* Creating a Facebook and Instagram account for my blog

* Taking more photos (I used to take a lot 😁)

* Looking at different things to take photos of and looking at things differently-seeing beauty in so much 🌺

* Linking up with mummydaddyme and butwhymummywhy in their linky posts

* Feeling extremely welcome by the blogging community, with such lovely comments and for those of you coming along to read a brand new blog when I really don’t have a clue-thanks !

The one thing I haven’t done though is tell anyone else!!

I’ve mentioned it (under my breath) to a few people but not given anyone a way to find it, except through the linkys (friends and family were never going to find me that way).  Through these linkys I feel blessed, as I’ve had wonderfully positive feedback that I am truly grateful for-Thank You x💗x

 This morning I liked my Facebook page!

This was a big deal…….Bless it’s been sat there for a month with 0 likes. Within about 30mins i’d received a like and a comment from a friend saying she’d really enjoyed reading my blog posts and that I should share it as other people would feel the same!! Thank You-that meant so much!

Now at the end of the day I have 4 likes (including my sister 😆)

But EEK I’m really scared to go further!! It is one of my things on my 32@32 things to do this year but I’m worried what people will think! Why is this an issue for us women hey ?!

So now to pluck up some major courage…………and share!

4 thoughts on “Putting Myself Out There

  1. lifeatthelittlewood says:

    I’m just catching up with your blog now, and it’s so lovely! I was so shy right at the beginning, and a bit mortified at the thought of anyone I knew reading. But it’s amazing how interested people are, and the wealth of support that they offer. Wishing you lots of luck with it all. Be brave and share, you’ll not regret it! 🙂 xx


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