(Little Loves 15) *No3*

A week of work, sunshine, flip flops, sunglasses, choreographing new festival dances and to do lists.


I’ve flicked through a couple of magazines but being back at work, I haven’t had as much time or energy to pick up my book. Not good I must do better-i love it when i pick it up-though end up reading a page and then falling asleep!  I’ve also been writing and trying to get through a lot on my to do list so i have been reading that everyday to try and get some more things ticked off or find some inspiration..



Children dance. Back to classes all week and working on new festival pieces.  Its been really nice to see children from 2 up to adults working really hard and enjoying being back at class.


I’ve also watched some fantastic sunsets.

Truly Beautiful!



My preschool work t-shirt but rarely the jumper-always a bonus.
Flip flops and sunglasses.



Wild Horses – Natasha Bedingfield

The Face – RyanDan

Tracks from Peter Pan and Gypsy The Musicals

and lots of syllabus music, as I got back into the swing of teaching and choreographing new dances (solo’s and duets).

(I had wanted to try and add the youtube videos but couldn’t work out to do it 😦 )

And Lastly

I ended up teaching on Thursday, covering 2 of my teachers.  Its usually my day with Little B but Daddy was home early for some playtime.  It was great to see some of the students I don’t normally see and how well they are doing.
It was lovely that they were so excited that I was teaching them too.
I don’t seem to have that scary Principal vibe!

I’m joining up with Morgana at butwhymummywhy for her LittleLoves


5 thoughts on “(Little Loves 15) *No3*

  1. Alice W says:

    Sounds like a great week 🙂 the sunsets were amazing this week, weren’t they? Clear skies make do for some incredible colours. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend xx


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