Home Sweet Home

We have lived in our little flat since August 2006-almost 9 years.

It was the first flat we looked at after only 3 months of dating.
I had lived in many different situations in my 23 years, however never with a boyfriend.


I had previously lived….

* at home
* in a lady’s spare room and a house with 5 girls while at dance college
* in a shared caravan while working in Newquay
* in a hotel room with 1 girl, a house with 8 guys/girls and an apartment alone while living in Tenerife
* in a spare room of a friend on my return from Tenerife

This flat has so many memories.  So many firsts for us.

* First flat as a couple
* We got married living here
* We became parents living here
* We both became business owners while living here

And now we’re moving on…..

This is such a scary yet exciting prospect and I’m feeling a little nervous about the change.
We are still renting (unfortunately we cannot currently afford to get on the property ladder) and apart from an increase in the rent we are paying, it has so many bonuses….

* a garden, with a shed
* a third bedroom
* a loft
(we have no storage at all here)
* radiators and a boiler
(storage heaters and a hot water booster have driven us mad)
* a driveway
(we have a carpark here)
And many more little bits and pieces

Its a complete no brainer for why we would want to move on,
however the little bit of nostalgia that takes a grip on my heart, is a little painful!


So now to pack up our lives in the next 2 months ready to move.
It seems like such a mammoth task and I would much rather be designing how i’m going to decorate the new place rather than organising the old…….Procrastinating I hear you say? Yep!!

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