(Ordinary Moments 15) *No 4* Business Anniversaries

Today marks an anniversary.  Its a work related one and I’ve linked this post with Katie at mummydaddyme
as its about one of our ordinary moments, an everyday process of running our businesses.

  I wrote this whole post and then lost it…….I was so gutted!!
But then I thought, maybe someone was telling me that what I wrote wasn’t quite right?
So here I go again.

Both myself and B run our own businesses.  
Everyday we go about our days as individuals but part of a team.  
We share everything except our very differing careers….
B is a plumber and drainage engineer, I run a Performing Arts School.
Apart from that we share the cooking, cleaning and childcare.
Sometimes he does a little bit more and sometimes I do, but eventually it all gets done!


Today marks 5 years of B starting his own business,
I am incredibly proud that he made the jump and has come so far!
It took a few years for him to decide that it was the right choice and although it hasn’t all been plain sailing he now has a business with customers regularly returning as well as recommending him, he has consistent work, he freelances for a couple of other companies and has a great reputation.

In June I have had my school for 8 years.
There have definitely been some ups and downs in this journey.
Times where I’ve thought about completely throwing the towel in, when I wonder if all my hard work is worth it and then I get a fab set of exam results, my students make me super proud performing their hearts out, or a child simply says ‘I love dance’!

Running your own business means being able to take the credit for the great, but also having to face it when things go wrong.  We have such faith in each other and know how hard we both work, so it is easy to talk the other one out of a bad spot, or ply them with wine and chocolate (and wait for them to dig themselves out).

As a family B is the main breadwinner.
Ironically I generally work more hours a week, but he pays the majority of the bills.
Unfair i sometimes think, but then I get a lot more joy from my work, so i suppose we’re even!

We spend our time either out at work or trying to grab a spare minute at home to reply to emails, sort invoices, create and send out quotes and surveys, find new music, sort exam and festival entries, make costumes and props! It takes up a lot of our home time too and we try really hard to get a balance so we both get individual time with Little B as well as time as a 3.

We are both super proud of ourselves as individuals and as a couple.  
We have not always agreed, especially when business decisions have effected us financially, but we’ve trusted each other, made changes and stuck together, even when times have been tough.  B makes me a happy woman every day (well most days) and I just wanted to say Well Done to him for creating a thriving business and supporting me with mine, through thick and thin.
Here’s to hoping they just keep getting bigger and better!

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6 thoughts on “(Ordinary Moments 15) *No 4* Business Anniversaries

  1. Katie @mummydaddyme says:

    I absolutely love this post so much. My husband and I both recently started our own business- he is a designer and I work in online marketing so it made sense to just combine our skills. We are only a few weeks in but it’s the best thing we have done so far. I love the flexibility of it, but most of all I am just so proud of us for working hard to achieve this dream. It sounds like you are both exactly the same and it’s inspiring to hear of someone a fair few years down the road from where we are now. And a performing arts school- wow how amazing! x

    Liked by 1 person

    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Thank you so much it means a lot that you enjoyed my post! I wish our businesses meant we got to spend a little bit more time together and financially we don’t quite have the freedom we hope but one day-you’ve got to keep dreaming! I wish you and Mr E all the luck combining your talents and I’m sure that it’ll go from strength to strength! It’s definitely something worth patting yourself on the back for x


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