(Little Loves 15) *No 2*

For the second week I’m linking up with Morgana at butwhymummywhy? for her little loves.
Its a lovely little post about the joys of your week…..


Lots of blog posts! I’ve signed up with Bloglovin and have been getting a daily dose of new blog posts from lots of different people! I’ve even started making comments and getting involved which has been interesting and fun!

Also started Four-A Divergent Collection by Veronica Roth.  Its a book of 4 pre-Divergent books from Tobias’ point of view.  I have just started the first one ‘Transfer’.  Its really nice to be back into reading and not wanting to put my kindle down.



It was great to have Atlantis back on last Saturday. Before being a mum we would socialise more at the weekends and also only watch what we both wanted or I would read/sleep while B would watch a documentary. However more recently I have found some programmes that I sit and watch alone and it’s lovely to have a few guilty pleasures! As well as there being quite a few fit men in them.


Back to my yoga pants and sports bra as classes start back! Also training for a 7km obstacle course so been out running-I did 5km in just over 30mins on Sunday (a PB-last time it was just over 40mins)



Happy Birthday! This week saw both my niece turning 2 and my nephew 5. A party for them both saw a lot of singing!




Our first BBQ of the year! Spatchcocked jerk chicken, potato salad and salad!


And Lastly

I’ve started back at work! Enjoying my jobs is one thing, being away from my boy and getting home after bedtime 3 nights is another. Getting a balance is so hard!


I just want to spend time with this crazy dude!



8 thoughts on “(Little Loves 15) *No 2*

    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Thank you! They are really cool aren’t they! I’d never be able to make anything like that 😁 Loving a BBQ-hubby loves to cook and experiment-always a bonus for me! 😃 thank you I’m gonna need all the luck I can get I’ve got 7 weeks to up my game from 5 to 7km comfortably! X


  1. Alice W says:

    Those cakes are so cute, and hooray for BBQs! I didn’t realise there were some pre-Divergent books, might have to check those out, it’s great to have a book that you just can’t put down. Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend xx


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Neither did I till I got to the end of Allegiant on my kindle and it asked me if I wanted to read something that had those characters in-I wasn’t quite ready to finish them so thought I’d give it a try! Haven’t read enough to give an honest opinion yet x


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