Back to School (Sorry Work)!

So today was my first day back at work after the Easter break.
Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love my jobs but being able to spend quality time with my little family over the last couple of weeks, guilt free, doing whatever we wanted, has been so lovely and I really wasn’t ready for it to end.  

In fact last night I was like a child!

“Don’t make me go to bed, i don’t want to! If I go to bed now tomorrow will come sooner……etc etc.”

However I was eased into it nicely, surprisingly.
My inset day training at the preschool ended up only being 2 hrs rather than the full day as it is normally.  I did have to be there at 9.30am which meant getting little B to his Nan and Grandads early (it takes me 1.5 hrs to do the whole dropping off and getting to work bit) but it all went rather smoothly.

So I went and sat in a friends garden in the sun, got some paperwork done while catching some rays (red chest and arms-oopsie), ate my lunch, chatted to an ex student and generally had a lovely productive afternoon while relaxing-it was weird.  Then off to teaching, but as my last private lesson had cancelled i finished earlier than planned

IMG_4616so here i am…..

Sat on my patio, jerk chicken on the BBQ, Budweiser in hand, eating some pretzels and writing my blog! I’ve had a bedtime snuggle with ‘Little B’ (usually Daddy puts him to bed Monday, tuesday and wednesday as i work late), tucked him up and have a massive grin on my face!




I feel so much more positive about getting back into the swing of it all now and this long summer term of 13 weeks
(sorry to everyone who works all year-i do work in holidays too, just not so much)
The sun shining and not going down until 8pm now makes me feel like i have an evening again.  I love it!
I feel productive and positive.  
I really beat myself up over the winter months and become a bit of a hermit who seems to do nothing
(although technically thats obviously not true) and the lighter mornings and evenings make me feel really upbeat!
B doesn’t get it at all, as far as he’s concerned the summer is nice and everything, but it doesn’t make him feel any better about himself-apparently he’s awesome all year round-you’ve gotta love him!

So here I am actually feeling like I’m raring to go-lets see how long this lasts!!

4 thoughts on “Back to School (Sorry Work)!

  1. suzanne3childrenandit says:

    Gosh this Easter term really is long, isn’t it? Well done on starting with a spring in your step….literally!


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