(Little Loves 15) *No 1*

I have been reading more blogs this past week and have found one I’ve really enjoyed getting lost in butwhymummywhy?
So I have decided to join in with Morgana’s Linky ‘Little Loves’ (just discovered my laptop does not have the hashtag symbol)

So heres my first one…..


This week I finished ‘Allegiant’ the third book in the Divergent Series. I started reading the trilogy in the summer holidays last year and was not even halfway through allegiant when I picked it up again this week (only 8 months later-oops). Ive been putting it off as I couldn’t remember it etc but I was  immediately absorbed and finished the book crying my eyes out in a few days!



Me and B rarely watch anything together he’s a documentary type of guy and I’d rather read! However the last few weeks has seen the return of one of our favourites ‘Gotham’. I’ve also really got into Poldark (not something I thought I’d like at all) but loving it on a Sunday evening! Also looking forward to Atlantis returning to our screens on Saturday!


It’s been lovely to get the bright summer clothes out with this fab weather!
Cardigans instead of big jumpers and jackets.
Even the flip flops came out at one point!



Currently involved in a youth production of Peter Pan & it has been amazing listening to children from 6-15yrs old blasting out some amazing tunes at the rehearsals and shows (starting tonight)!


This week I’ve made time for my little family! Easter holidays means no work for me as both my jobs are childcare based! It’s been fantastic to focus on my child rather than others and really spend some quality time not in a rush!


And Lastly

As a new blogger I’ve been enjoying spending my time reading other blogs and getting to grips with my own! I’ve really enjoyed it and hope I can still find the time when back to crazy work next week!


10 thoughts on “(Little Loves 15) *No 1*

  1. butwhymummywhy says:

    Thanks for linking up! I’m so sorry I’m terribly late in coming over and commenting – I’m not normally that bad, just still playing catch up after the holidays!
    Are the Divergent books good then? I’m enjoying the films so might have to give the books a try xx

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  2. Alice W says:

    Welcome to #littleloves! I couldn’t find my hashtag for ages and had to google how to do it..I’m sure yours is hidden somewhere :p It’s been so lovely and warm, I’m loving the lack of coats as well! Hope you have a lovely weekend with your family xx


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