My 32nd Birthday

So another day means another year older-I did not enjoy writing 32 when asked my age at ‘Go Ape’. IMG_4045

As you get older, and become a mum birthdays seem to be completely different! I remember when I was younger the day was ‘All about me’ everyone wanted to see you, speak to you, you got loads of presents and cards to open and there was usually a big party with balloons, jelly and ice cream and cake!

Ok seriously, I’m not ungrateful and had a lovely day, but it just felt like a normal day!

At what age does ‘the day you were born’ become normal?! 

So yesterday there were some positives and negatives……

I woke up to some kind of explosion in ‘little Bs’ cot which meant toddler in the shower and bedding being washed.

At least the sun was shining!


B had forgotten shops would be shut on Easter Sunday so I had nothing to open from him (not even a card) so he said he’d take me shopping on my birthday and I could choose!

Ok he’s starting to redeem himself (shopping and the husbands credit card) 

Absolutely impossible as ‘Little B’ decided this was not his idea of fun! Climbing out of his pushchair running around, kicking and screaming! Yes you can picture it!!! Came home completely empty handed!

Ok at least i got a coffee!


Presents wise-I received some perfume and LUSH products from my Dad, Stepmum and little sis, and a fab outfit (pictured at the bottom) from the in laws! The rest was money from mum and grandparents (which annoyingly all ended up on the car when it had to go into the garage 2 days later).


We dropped ‘little B’ with my mum so we could ‘Go Ape’. Unfortunately there only ended up being 4 of us but we still had a giggle (mainly at each other)! I seriously pushed my boundaries and I think a few of my friends boundaries too! I definitely got called a few choice names throughout the experience! 😜


The bit I thought I would be scared about most was the zip wires-however they ended up being the most fun part!

I was unsure about the climbing across crazy bridges and tarzanning it on a rope into a net! I’m terrified of heights and falling so this was definitely pushing my comfort zone,     I was so proud of myself!

After our honeymoon in Thailand, me and B have a real thing for Thai food and as we didn’t have a sitter for the evening I went and collected a takeaway from our local. Thai Tom Yam and Thai Goong Soup, Jungle Curry with Coconut Rice and Soft Shell Crab Stir fry.


IMG_4158Although my birthday was not spent with loads of friends eating jelly and ice cream, jumping on a bouncy castle and blowing out my candles, when i sit back and look i see a ‘normal’ fun day! And there’s nothing wrong with a normal day!

I have these guys in my life who make me so so happy every day.

Why would i want it any other way?



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