Spring loves

So Spring has officially sprung!

The clocks went forward on Sunday, the evenings are lighter, the daffodils are blooming, the smell of freshly cut grass hit me as I got home today and the sun is ……..ummmmmm trying to shine amidst the crazy wind and rain!


There is something to love and look forward to in every season and every weather, and for me
these are the things I love about spring….

* The lighter days
(i work until late into the evening, so coming home is so much nicer when the sun is just setting rather than pitch black)

* Flowers starting to bloom
(that little splash of colour, on what has been a bland landscape for a few months)

* The ability to spend a little bit more time outside
(without being freezing)

* The idea of a fresh start
(Another time to make resolutions)

* Driving with the window down 
(and the heating off)

* Being able to get the washing outside to dry
(rather than always in the tumble dryer)

* The sound of birds 
(Little B is always saying “mummy hearing birdies-tweet tweet” and searching for them in the sky)

* Spring Cleaning
(Always seems a little easier when you can throw open the windows)

* My Birthday
(This year on Easter Monday-perfect for having both my boys at home)

* Planting flowers/herbs/veg
(Looking forward to getting our hanging baskets back from my mum and seeing what fab things her and my stepdad are planting this year-we are desperate to grow our own veg/herbs but can’t at our flat)


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