(Ordinary Moments 15) *No2* Easter Holidays

This week has been my first as blogger and it has left me feeling really excited.

I have found and read more blogs, I have thought more about what i could write, i have enjoyed taking more photos, I have even mentioned it to a few people (it’s still a bit of a secret).

The best bit is I have spent my time fully appreciating my ‘ordinary life’.

This week has been particularly great as its been the start of my Easter Holidays and a chance for me to sit back and relax a little bit (yes I probably should be doing some work, but oh well……)


The daffodils are blooming and looking beautiful.

Scrummy Easter eggs!

Enjoying some time on the sofa flicking through magazines


Hiding under the covers from Daddy


Playing at the Park


Chilling in the bath, reading a book


Eating naughty food!


Drinking cocktails with friends.


Even ones that got set alight in a skull jug to share!


Soft play with friends-nothing like climbing, slithering and sliding for hours

Chilling with a cuppa and a biscuit while ‘Little B’ naps

Spending a morning at a Food festival, where we brought too many yummy treats

Days out as a family

Celebratory Birthday champers


 Early birthday pressies


 Beautiful sunsets (after bedtime)


Ordinary Moments - MummyDaddyMe

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