Hey Everyone,

So this is my first ever blog post-EEK!!

I’ve been reading blogs for a few years, some i follow on a regular basis and have inspired me in different areas of my life.  They have helped me through life as a new mum, inspired me with fitness and health, shown me new recipes and DIY ideas, given me a giggle, made me cry and generally made me feel like i was not alone.

I have thought about writing my own blog for a while and kept putting it off with the excuses

Where do i start?

What would i write about?

Who would wanna read it?

Will it be a load of rubbish?

Am i just gonna embarrass myself?

And then i thought – who cares!  Why do i want to write a blog? It’s for me – I want to keep memories alive, celebrate my family life, my loves, the little things that make me, me and you know what maybe it will teach me something new.

What have i got to lose?!

So here goes…..

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