Girl on a Train, Curry & a Kingsize Bed #LittleLoves #38

It’s Friyay!!!!
Another week gone-seriously where?
And I’m now 38 weeks pregnant and have some dates booked in for when this little monkey may make an appearance-Gulp!!

I’ve been nesting pretty seriously this week.
I’m not one for scrubbing skirting boards etc but definitely for organising every drawer and trying to get all the finishing touches on the nursery sorted-though i really should pack a hospital bag as my waters broke 9 days before LB was due and that would be next Wednesday in this case.

This weeks little loves are Girl on a Train, Curry and a Kingsize Bed Continue reading


Ordinary Moments 16 #38 ‘Us’

I am a little late with my ordinary moments post this week as to be honest I was struggling with what to write about.  My life feels like one big blur at the minute.
I’m in limbo with only a few weeks left till baby arrives and wanting to nest and switch off, not having the finances or the energy to do as much as I’d like, still having to work both on the admin and the teaching side of my business, wanting to write and read more blogs and my head is just sooooo full of ideas and yet the time and energy exudes me.   Continue reading


An induction date, homegrown tomatoes & make up! #LittleLoves #38

Hello Friday and 37 weeks pregnant! Yes as my due date is a Friday these little loves post have turned into a little bit of a countdown for me!

This week has been a weird one! I’ve been in an exhausted blur as I’m just not sleeping, LB is being a complete pickle and that’s putting it nicely, I’ve had to teach when my body is definitely on meltdown mode and I’ve hardly taken any photos I’ve just discovered.

This weeks little loves are a possible induction date, homegrown tomatoes and make up! 
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Happy 100th Birthday Roald Dahl

So today Tuesday 13th September 2016 marks 100yrs since Roald Dahl was born.
I live practically around the corner from the Roald Dahl museum which is situated in the village where he lived and wrote for 36 years, yet have never been myself,
I have certainly been inspired by so much of his work though.

I remember reading his stories as a child and watching the films
and more recently have been loving the new musicals of his work. Continue reading


(Ordinary Moments 16) #37 Back to Routine

So this week saw the return of the School Term.
The start of the academic year 2016/17 and so many children heading off to big school for the first time, into new classes or starting a new adventure.

On Wednesday LB set off for his first day back at Preschool and his first Lunch Bunch,
so an extra 1.5 hours on top of his morning session!
He is now heading into preschool for 13.5hrs a week rather than 9.

He was super excited as he now gets to see his friend 4 days a week rather than 2 and to be honest i think he’d started to get a little bored of Mummy.   Continue reading