Cake, Cute Outfits & Our Boys #LittleLoves #42

HiYa!! How’s everyone doing? How’s your week been?

Mines been a little crazy and a little lazy……I’ve got up and about more, driving, taking LB to and from preschool, cleaning the house and hitting the supermarket but also spent my afternoons/evenings on the sofa resting and enjoying cuddles when I feel like I’ve overdone it or my energy levels have hit rock bottom.

This weeks Little Loves have been cake, cute outfits and our boys!  Continue reading


New baby boy, brothers and Babyspam #LittleLoves #41

Hello everyone, I hope you’ve all had a fabulous week!

This week has definitely been a blur-more so than any other! I missed last weeks little loves but I had an amazing excuse as when I had planned to finish and publish my post, my waters broke and I went into Labour! On my due date after being told 2 hrs previously while being monitored etc that nothing was gonna happen realistically until I was induced on Tuesday! Continue reading


Ordinary Moments 16 #40 Thoughts

So here I am Tuesday 4th October 2016
– 4 days until my due date on Friday, 1 day before a crucial hospital appt which could determine everything and a week until baby will definitely be here
(if he/she wants to make the speedy entrance, after induction that I am hoping for that is)
As you can imagine my brain is going mental!
I meant to write up my ordinary moments as always in time for Sunday but here I am finally getting everything down on the laptop with no distractions, except my own brain. Continue reading


Me and Mine Project – September

I had wondered for a split second whether August would have been our last Me and Mine Project as a family of three but Plum has held on into October.
Unlike LB who was due February but sneaked in early at the end of January in 2013.

As always our Me and Mine photos are soooooo last minute – to the point where they are actually making me chuckle now, but I love it!
God knows how I’m going to manage when there are 4 of us.

I mean Daddy hasn’t even got a clue this one was even taken!  Continue reading